Ciaran Evans

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Helicobacter pylori is the dominant member of the gastric microbiota and has been associated with an increased risk of gastric cancer and peptic ulcers in adults. H. pylori populations have migrated and diverged with human populations, and health effects vary. Here, we describe the whole genome of the cag-positive strain V225d, cultured from a Venezuelan(More)
RNA-Seq is a widely used method for studying the behavior of genes under different biological conditions. An essential step in an RNA-Seq study is normalization, in which raw data are adjusted to account for factors that prevent direct comparison of expression measures. Errors in normalization can have a significant impact on downstream analysis, such as(More)
The alternative sigma factor RpoS is a central regulator of many stress responses in Escherichia coli The level of functional RpoS differs depending on the stress. The effect of these differing concentrations of RpoS on global transcriptional responses remains unclear. We investigated the effect of RpoS concentration on the transcriptome during stationary(More)
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