Ciara K. O'Sullivan

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The construction of an accurate family pedigree is a fundamental component of a clinical genetic evaluation and of human genetic research. Previous surveys of genetic counselors and human genetic publications have demonstrated significant inconsistencies in the usage of common pedigree symbols representing situations such as pregnancy, termination of(More)
Using in vitro selection, high affinity DNA aptamers to the food allergen Lup an 1, ß-conglutin, were selected from a pool of DNA, 93 bases in length, containing a randomised sequence of 49 bases. ß-conglutin was purified from lupin flour and chemically crosslinked to carboxylated magnetic beads. Peptide mass fingerprinting was used to confirm the presence(More)
Coeliac disease is an inflammation of the small intestine, occurring in genetically susceptible individuals triggered by the ingestion of gluten. Human Leukocyte Antigens (HLA) DQ2 and DQ8 gene have been identified as key genetic factors in coeliac disease as they are presented in almost 100 % of the patients. These genes are encoded by the combination of(More)
The rapid and sensitive detection of small molecules is garnering increasing importance, and aptamers show great promise in replacing expensive, elaborate detection platforms exploiting chromatographic separation or antibody-based assays. The characterization of aptamer interaction with small molecule targets is not facile, and there is a mature need for a(More)
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