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OBJECTIVE To analyse the functional outcomes of adults following acquired brain injury attending an intensive outpatient neuro-rehabilitation programme relative to a comprehensive TBI day programme service in the United States. METHOD DESIGN Retrospective audit of all admissions over a two-year period (2001-2003) to an outpatient neuro-rehabilitation(More)
BACKGROUND Understanding of the psychological impact of politically motivated violence is poor. AIMS To examine the prevalence of post-traumatic symptoms subsequent to the 'troubles' in Northern Ireland. METHOD A telephone survey of 3000 adults, representative of the population in Northern Ireland and the border counties of the Irish Republic, examined(More)
Numerous studies have been conducted internationally on the subject of multigenerational trauma; however, little is currently known about its existence in the context of the Northern Ireland conflict. The present study explored the outcomes of and mechanisms through which the trauma of one generation impacts on subsequent generations in this context. Using(More)
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