Ciara Downes

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OBJECTIVES To evaluate the results of hemilaminectomy and vertebral stabilisation (+/- annulectomy) for the treatment of thoracolumbar disc protrusion. METHODS The medical records of dogs with thoracolumbar annular protrusions treated by hemilaminectomy and vertebral stabilisation were reviewed. Neurological function was assessed 24 hours following(More)
Triple adjacent thoracolumbar disc protrusions causing moderate to severe spinal cord compression were diagnosed by magnetic resonance imaging in two German shepherd dogs with marked paraparesis and pelvic limb ataxia. Both cases were managed by selective hemilaminectomy, partial annulectomy and bilateral quadruple vertebral body stabilisation using novel(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the use of hybrid total hip replacement (THR), using a cementless acetabular component and a cemented femoral component. STUDY DESIGN Prospective case series. SAMPLE POPULATION Client-owned dogs (n = 71). MATERIALS AND METHODS Consecutive clinical cases that had hybrid THR were studied. Radiographic features, pain scores, and(More)
OBJECTIVES To report the complications encountered following tarsal arthrodesis surgery with bone plate fixation and describe the previously unreported complication of plantar necrosis. METHODS Medical records of 40 dogs that had been treated by tarsal arthrodesis with bone plate fixation were reviewed to determine the major and minor complications and(More)
A rupture of the dura mater caused by the peracute extrusion of a cervical disc was diagnosed by myelography in two dogs. In both cases traction on the cervical spine resulted in contrast medium entering the ruptured intervertebral disc from the subarachnoid space. Both dogs became suddenly tetraparetic and unable to ambulate during vigorous exercise, but(More)
Forty-eight dogs were diagnosed with presumptive exercise-associated peracute thoracolumbar disc extrusion. The median age was seven years (range two to 11 years), and median bodyweight was 23 kg (range 10 to 41 kg). The duration of signs before presentation ranged from 0.5 to four days. Twenty-nine dogs were non-ambulatory, of which 17 were incontinent and(More)
Five cats were treated for a fracture of the medial malleolus, 10 for a fracture of the lateral malleolus and 15 for fractures of both malleoli. Open reduction and internal fixation with Kirschner wires (K-wires) with or without a tension band wire was applied to 26 of the fractures. Unilateral-uniplanar or bilateral-uniplanar transarticular external(More)
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