Ciarán O'Leary

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The WorldWide Mind (WWM) is a scheme for putting minds (by which we mean the software to drive a real or virtual agent) online for remote re-use by third parties. Although the animat community favours the extension of existing agent minds in an ongoing process, there is currently no easy way to re-use minds built by other authors. If re-use became the norm,(More)
Building large complex minds is difficult because we do not understand what the necessary components are or how they should interact. Even if the components were known it is difficult to see a situation where a single lab would have all the necessary expertise and manpower to be able to build the mind. One possible answer is to distribute the various(More)
Personas are artificial character based representations of user goals, attitudes, motivations and abilities which enable designers to focus their design efforts on key, targeted users. The success of personas in design is due to their capacity to enable designers to empathize with users and understand user goals. Persona development is rooted in the(More)
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