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Assessment of the forest land use change and proposed land suitability for tea for the area along Laos - China Border were the main purpose of this research paper. An integrated GIS-based analysis system (IGAS), supporting assessment of forest land-use and land suitability for the study area where along Laos-China border was developed. Multi criteria(More)
One approach to apply precision agriculture to optimize crop production and environmental quality is identifying management zones. In this paper, the variables of soil electrical conductivity (EC) data, cotton yield data and normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) data in an about 15 ha field in a coastal saline land were selected as data resources,(More)
In recent years, the application of ecosystem service value in land use change research is a hot topic in many famous international journals. However, policy makers are seldom taking into account the achievements of the related studies in practice. This paper summarized the three main bottlenecks in applying ecosystem service value in land management(More)
Agricultural land consolidation is a strong disturbance to farmland ecosystem. In traditional agricultural land consolidation, the main technical and economic indices for the design of ditches include the convenience for production and transportation, the allocation of water resources, and the improvement of water utilization, but short of ecological(More)
Efforts to quantify management effects on decomposition rate of added substrates to the soil is important especially where such information is to be used for prediction in mathematical or simulation models. Using data from a short-term (60 days) greenhouse simulation study, a procedure for quantifying effects of management on SOM and substrate decomposition(More)
By using RS and GIS techniques, the spatiotemporal changes of wetlands in Hangzhou Bay Industrial Belt, one of the most developed zones in Zhejiang Province, from 1990 to 2005 were studied. There was a frequent conversion between the wetlands and other land use types and between the wetlands themselves, mainly manifested in the conversion between wetland(More)
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