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Effective, personalized recommendations are central to cross-selling, a common business strategy that suggests additional items (products or services) to customers for their consideration. Content-based recommendation and collaborative filtering represent two salient approaches for automated recommendations. The content-based approach uses essential(More)
Care coordination services bring together a multitude of providers to deliver continuity of care outside clinical settings. The coordinated services improve wellness management and operational outcomes but pose challenges on privacy when integrating multiple sources of personal health data and providing a data access and sharing mechanism to third party(More)
Secret sharing is widely used in secret image protection since 1979. Image secret sharing schemes are used to encrypt the secret image into several meaningless share images. Later on, the secret image can be reconstructed while collecting the share images. The authentication mechanism is a way to verify whether the reconstructed secret image is authentic.(More)
Personalized wellness decision support has gained significant attention, owing to the shift to a patient-centric paradigm in healthcare domains, and the consequent availability of a wealth of patient-related data. Despite the success of data-driven analytics in improving practice outcome, there is a gap towards their deployment in guideline-based practice.(More)
Breast cancer is one of the top cancer-death causes and specifically accounts for 10.4% of all cancer incidences among women. The prediction of breast cancer recurrence has been a challenging research problem for many researchers. Data mining techniques have recently received considerable attention, especially when used for the construction of prognosis(More)
Web API is the lightweight version to the SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) service and usually applies REST (Representational State Transfer) as the architectural style. Nowadays, the service-oriented computing paradigm is shifting from the SOAP services to the Web APIs, i.e., RESTful services. Rather than hard coding from scratch, the methodology of(More)