Chytra V Anand

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Absence of the ansa cervicalis was noticed in only one out of 200 cadavers, and that only on the right side, where it was replaced by the vagocervical complex. This complex was formed by the vagus nerve with the C1 and C2 components from the cervical plexus, giving off a descending branch to supply the infrahyoid muscles of the neck. Sur un cadavre parmi(More)
This study of 168 north Indian patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) confirms the significant association of susceptibility to RA with DR4 specificity (P less than 0.0001). This association was observed equally in familial as well as sporadic patients. The HLA-DR2 and DR5 alleles were identified to be conferring protection in RA, DR5 being reduced(More)
A morphological peculiarity was observed in the form of a submandibular gland having three ducts. These ducts opened separately into the oral cavity. Only the upper and the largest of these three ducts was in the usual position and had the expected relation to the lingual nerve. Such a condition is to be kept in mind by a surgeon or a radiologist performing(More)
Three human skulls showing duplication of the optic canal are reported. Two had bilateral duplication while one had duplication on one side only. The measurements of the whole canal were within the range of normal. Septa of variable thickness separated the main and the accessory canals in these skulls and the skulls also showed a tendency to excessive bone(More)
Forty suprarenal glands were studied, 20 being dissected from aborted fetuses of 9 to 36 weeks' gestation and 20 obtained from human cadavers of ages 1 day to 60 years. All the specimens were from a Northern India population. The side and shape of each suprarenal gland was noted and documented. The length, breadth, thickness and volume of each gland were(More)
Effects of a pyrimidine analogue, 5-fluorouracil (Fur), have been studied by electron microscopy and by electron microscopic cytochemical techniques. Previous studies have demonstrated that rats show serious gastrointestinal disturbances 5 days after 3 daily injections of FUR (50 mg/kg). The present investigation demonstrates that Brunner's glands under the(More)
Mastoid canals (tunnels) were observed in 41 (7.7%) of 265 dry human skulls. The canals were 2-27 mm long. This feature has not been reported before. dissection of 30 mastoid regions in cadavers showed that the canals contained a branch of the occipital artery and a vein. It is possible that during development of the mastoid process the squamous temporal(More)
Presence of autoimmune diseases and relationship of autoantibody expression with HLA association has been studied in 44 multicase rheumatoid arthritis (RA) families of Asian Indian origin. An increased prevalence of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) was observed in relatives (2.3%). Although HLA-DR4 segregated preferentially with seropositivity in general,(More)
A retrospective study of 4 consecutive academic batches of students was conducted to analyse the performance level of students in 3 university examinations of MBBS. The students were divided into 3 categories based on the criteria of entrance into the medical college. The category I included students who entered through a tough pre-medical test, category II(More)
Finger tip and palmar dermatoglyphics were studied in 31 patients (22 females and 9 males) with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and 38 matched controls (20 females and 18 males) from North India. While not many differences were observed in palmar patterns, a low ending of line A was found on both hands of two patients. Finger tip patterns were significantly(More)