Chyng-Yang Jang

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This research explores variables related to the use of personal-journal style blogs for interpersonal goals. A random sample of bloggers completed surveys exploring how the combination of extraversion and self-disclosure affect strong tie network size, which in turn serves as motivation to use blogs as an alternative communication channel. Bloggers who(More)
In this paper, we describe a collaborative system specifically designed to address problems faced by distributed (or virtual) teams. TeamSCOPE (Team Software for a Collaborative Project Environment) is a web-based work environment that has emerged from a research project studying the communication needs of internationally distributed engineering design(More)
As Internet access moves away from desktop platforms to increasingly mobile, handheld, ubiquitous computing tools, questions arise regarding the impact physical surroundings have on online self-disclosure. Considering that popular Web2.0 applications like weblogs are characterized by broad and often intimate disclosures of personal information, we test the(More)
The increasing popularity of blogs brings the potential to change traditionally agreed upon norms regarding interpersonal communication due to the non-directed nature of self-disclosure inherent in blogging. This exploratory study investigates the relationship between bloggers' intended audience, content characteristics of their posts, and expectations for(More)
1 Virtual teams are increasingly global, creating challenges for communication and coordination due to greater distances, multiple time zones, and cultural differences. A longitudinal research program investigating communication and collaboration in globally distributed engineering design teams is described. Preliminary results illustrate the value of(More)
Prior research found that the majority of blogs are personal and relational in nature where bloggers reveal intimate information about themselves and target their public posts to their off-line social networks. These personal-journal style blogs expose their authors to potential privacy risks. Bloggers may choose to conceal their identities to mitigate the(More)