Chyi-Ren Dow

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Google's Android Native Development Kit (NDK) is a toolset that lets you embed components to use of native code in your Android applications. It makes possible for developers to easily compile in C/C++ for the Android development platform. Generally, developer does not concern how effective between native code and Dalvik Java code that will causes poor(More)
Mobile ad hoc networks are organized by a collection of wireless devices. Any pre-established wired or wireless infrastructure or centralized administration is unnecessary. Thus, ad hoc wireless networks are particularly useful in regions such as battle-fields or disaster areas. There are numerous applications, such as video conferencing, distance learning(More)
In ad-hoc mobile radio networks, nodes are organized into non-overlapping clusters. These clusters are independently controlled and dynamically reconfigured when the topology changes. This work presents a Distributed Label clustering scheme (DL) that partitions nodes into clusters using a weight-based criterion. The DL scheme allows the border nodes to(More)
Mobile ad hoc networks are dynamically organized by a collection of wireless mobile nodes. The mobile nodes in ad hoc networks can move arbitrarily thus the topology of network changes dynamically. Due to the properties of communication medium in wireless networks, unidirectional links may exist between mobile nodes thus results in the difficulty of link(More)
Wireless sensor networks consist of a large number of low-power, small-scale sensors with limited processing and communication capabilities. Such networks are usually applied to gather data from interested area or specific environment and deliver to remote users for analyzing or monitoring. Because of sensing devices are usually powered by batteries, it is(More)
ÐIn many scientific applications, array redistribution is usually required to enhance data locality and reduce remote memory access in many parallel programs on distributed memory multicomputers. Since the redistribution is performed at runtime, there is a performance trade-off between the efficiency of the new data decomposition for a subsequent phase of(More)