Chyi-Chia Richard Lee

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Psoriasis is a common immune-mediated chronic inflammatory skin disorder, but the mechanisms of pathogenesis are still poorly understood. IL-23 is expressed in psoriatic skin, and IL-23 injection produces IL-22-dependent psoriasiform changes in mouse skin. Th17 cells produce IL-22 and display CCR6, the CCL20 receptor; CCR6+ T cells and CCL20 are abundant in(More)
Mucormycosis is an aggressive and potentially devastating fungal infection which typically manifests in pulmonary, rhinocerebral, or disseminated forms in patients with hematologic malignancy. Mucormycosis confined to the periodontium is uncommon, and to our knowledge only 6 cases have been reported in the English-language literature. This case report(More)
Invasive candidiasis is the 4(th) leading cause of nosocomial bloodstream infection in the US with mortality that exceeds 40% despite administration of antifungal therapy; neutropenia is a major risk factor for poor outcome after invasive candidiasis. In a fatal mouse model of invasive candidiasis that mimics human bloodstream-derived invasive candidiasis,(More)
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