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AIM Falling is a serious medical problem for elderly persons. This study was done to look at prevalence and risk factors for falls in community dwelling elderly in Singapore. METHOD A random sample of 3,000 persons aged 60 years and above was chosen from a database based on the 1990 population census. Letters were sent out to 2,582 subjects who had local(More)
OBJECTIVES To (1) identify social and rehabilitation predictors of nursing home placement, (2) investigate the association between effectiveness and efficiency in rehabilitation and nursing home placement of patients admitted for inpatient rehabilitation from 1996 to 2005 by disease in Singapore. DESIGN National data were retrospectively extracted from(More)
Majority (90.5%) of the elderly living in the community in Singapore had a positive (satisfactory to good) perception of their health. This study found that age (70 years or older), recent hospitalisation, regular medical follow-up, hearing impairment, presence of chronic medical conditions (like musculo-skeletal problems, hypertension, ischaemic heart(More)
AIM To determine the prevalence, presentation, causes and consequences of hypoglycaemia in the elderly, and to make preventive recommendations. METHOD Retrospective review of case records. RESULTS The definition of hypoglycaemia is defined as symptoms with a capillary blood sugar of less than 3 mmol/L measured on the Reflolux II or Accutrend glucometer.(More)
INTRODUCTION This study aims to determine if risk factors present on admission to the nursing home could be predictive of later functional decline and to determine the causes of decline. METHODS This is a retrospective case-control study conducted in 2000 at a voluntary welfare nursing home. Functional decline was defined as deterioration in two or more(More)
AIM OF STUDY To describe the residents of a nursing home for the elderly in terms of their socio-demographic profile, mental and physical attributes, functional abilities and existing medical problems. METHOD A random sample of 120 subjects was obtained from a total of 350 residents in a voluntary welfare nursing home. Two subjects were excluded as they(More)
OBJECTIVES The relationship between disability and comorbidity on mortality is widely perceived as additive in clinical models of frailty. DESIGN National data were retrospectively extracted from medical records of community hospital. DATA SOURCES There were of 12,804 acutely-disabled patients admitted for inpatient rehabilitation in Singapore(More)
An elderly woman with an acute abdomen due to a perforated peptic ulcer is discussed to illustrate the problem of atypical presentation of illness in the elderly. The importance of not dismissing non-specific symptoms and signs such as confusion, restlessness, abdominal distention and non-localising abdominal tenderness in the elderly, is highlighted. In(More)
INTRODUCTION This study aims to examine the demography of falls, factors that contribute to falls and fall risk factors in residents of a nursing home for the elderly in Singapore. MATERIALS AND METHODS An 18-month follow-up study was carried out on 95 nursing home residents. Information on the subjects' potential risk factors for falls was obtained(More)
Thirteen non-obese, non-insulin-dependent diabetic patients were given guar granulate in an average dose of 7.1 grams daily for 8 weeks. The mean fructosamine fell from 3.3 +/- 0.69 mmol/L (p less than 0.01). Mean glycosylated haemoglobin (HbA1c) fell from 8.17 +/- 2.2% preguar to 7.67 +/- 1.81% (1 = ns) and to 7.39 +/- 1.23% (p = ns) at 8 weeks and 12(More)