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A novel image protection scheme called \ c ocktail watermarking" is proposed i n t h i s p aper. We analyze and point out the inadequacy of the modulation techniques commonly used in ordinary spread spectrum watermarking methods and the visual model-based o n e s. To r esolve the inadequacy, two watermarks which play complementary roles are simultaneously(More)
A novel combined watermarking scheme for image authenti-cation and protection is proposed in this paper. By utilizing the publicly available wavelet-based just noticeable distortion (JND) values, the hidden watermark is designed to carry the host image's information such that blind watermark detection becomes possible. The watermarks are embedded using the(More)
A new fractal-based image compression system, based on a so-called Adaptive Side-Coupling Quadtree (ASCQ) structure, is proposed. The proposed system consists of three processes: a preprocessing, a compression and a decompression process. In the compression process, the original image is represented by an ASCQ structure. The set of Iterated Function System(More)
1087 The point at which the interference of the variations begins to affect the mod–max occurs when x0 0 s2k = s2. Substituting in for the value of s 2 , the cross-over scale for two adjacent smooth variations is s 0 = x0 k + 2 0 s 2 1 : (5) IV. CONCLUSION In this brief, we have investigated the motivation for the isolation assumption of the mod–max method(More)
A robust watermarking scheme for hiding binary or gray-scale watermarks in digital images is proposed in this chapter. Motivated by the fact that a detector response (a correlation value) only provides a soft evidence for convincing jury in courtroom, embedded watermarks are designed to be visually recognizable after retrieval. To strengthen the existence(More)
" Digital Museum/Library " is an ongoing project sponsored by the National Science Council of Taiwan. The content of this paper is partial result of one of its subprojects called`` Image content-based retrieval on a fish database of Taiwan.'' The objective of this project is to develop an image content-based search engine which can perform identity check of(More)
A discrete image flux conduction equation which is completely new in this field is proposed. The new approach starts with formulating a discrete image flux conduction equation based on the concept of heat conduction theory. Based on this discrete equation, the status change at a time point can be directly computed from its spatial neighborhood. To more(More)