Chwee B. Lee

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Supporting the interactions of participants in an online learning environment is important to achieve a successful learning experience. The lack of support may cause collaborating learners to fail to complete their joint task or require too much time and effort (Rummel, N., & Spada, H. (2005). Learning to collaborate: An instructional approach to promoting(More)
Researchers have advocated problem solving to induce learners in conceptual change process as problem representation is central to whether or not learners achieve the intended change [1]. One way to help learners develop their problem representations is through tools that will enable them to externalize problem representations [2] and this can be done by(More)
This paper applies game theoretic analysis to shed new light on the dynamics of market share within a contemporary, real life, entry deterrence situation. The study evaluates the market share where new entry has just occurred and considers the resulting interaction between prices, volume of business and cash flow. Insights are gained into the success or(More)
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