Chuyuan Tian

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The reliability of NiPtSi/p-poly Si electrical fuses with different programming mechanisms, i.e. electromigration and thermal rupture, was investigated in terms of fuse resistance stability and fuse array functionality, for 65 nm technology node. The resistance of the fuses programmed within the electromigration programming window, were found to be very(More)
China produces and consumes most of coal in the world. This situation is expected to continue within a certain period in the future. Currently, Chinese coal industry is confronted with several serious problems relating to land resource, water resource, environmental, and ecological sustainability. Coal resource exploitation causes the permanent fracture and(More)
This paper concentrates on a study of a novel multi-sensor aided method by using acoustic and visual sensors for detection, recognition and separation of End-of Life vehicles' (ELVs) plastic materials, in order to optimize the recycling rate of automotive shredder residues (ASRs). Sensor-based sorting technologies have been utilized for material recycling(More)
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