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This paper studies on license plate recognition (LPR) system based on morphology and least squares support vector machines (LS-SVM). LPR is one of the most important research topics in intelligent transport field. Firstly, locate the license plate based on the improved Robert edge operator and morphology. Secondly, segment the characters according to the(More)
An adaptive and iterative LSSVR algorithm based on quadratic Renyi entropy is presented in this paper. LS-SVM loses the sparseness of support vector which is one of the important advantages of conventional SVM. The proposed algorithm overcomes this drawback. The quadratic Renyi entropy is the evaluating criterion for working set selection, and the size of(More)
On the basis of least squares support vector machine regression (LSSVR), an adaptive and iterative support vector machine regression algorithm based on chunking incremental learning (CISVR) is presented in this paper. CISVR is an iterative algorithm and the samples are added to the working set in batches. The inverse of the matrix of coefficients from(More)