Chutham Sawigun

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This paper presents a modular technique for transconductance reduction of a sub-threshold transconductor. This technique employs an ordinary differential pair circuit as a module to build a linear attenuator and to be the main transconductor. By applying the linear attenuation, the input linear range expansion and transconductance reduction are(More)
A CMOS analog buffer with high output drivability is presented. The buffer combines class-AB operation with rail-to-rail signal swing. A new adaptive biasing scheme is proposed with low complexity, thereby allowing the construction of a very compact, low-power analog voltage buffer with wide bandwidth and high slew rate. Simulated results using a 0.35-mum(More)
This paper proposes the design of a current-mode sample and hold circuit using subthreshold MOSFETs. The proposed circuit combines negative feedback and the compressive characteristic of a class-AB weak inversion transconductor to achieve low switching error, high signal-to-noise ratio and high dynamic range from a low supply voltage and very low current(More)
According to recent physiological experiments, the envelope and phase of speech signals are required to enhance the perceptive capability of a cochlear implant processor. In this paper, the design of an analog complex gammatone filter is introduced in order to extract both envelope and phase information of the incoming speech signals as well as to emulate(More)
A low-voltage low-power CMOS four quadrant analog multiplier based directly on a cross-coupled squarer topology and suitable for the deep submicron technology is presented. Simulation results using 0.35-μm process parameters show that, when operated under a 1.5V single supply, the proposed multiplier consumes 290 μW of quiescent power, its linear range with(More)
The dynamic translinear principle, in contrast to the conventional, i.e., static, translinear principle, can be used for the realization of frequency dependent transfer functions. Using the dynamic translinear principle we can realize both linear and nonlinear differential equations. This paper presents the dynamic translinear realization of the nonlinear(More)
A compact four-quadrant analog multiplier circuit using strong inversion saturated MOSFETs is presented. The circuit is formed by connecting simple 2-input "combiner" and "subtracter" cells in a novel topology. The proposed multiplier features low-voltage operation, very low quiescent power consumption, high-linearity and high operating frequency. In(More)