Chuqin Yang

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Herein, a novel fluorescent indicator for the real-time monitoring of amines is described. This probe contains a complex of europium-(thenoyltrifluoroacetone)(3) (Eu(TTA)(3)) that efficiently reacts with primary and secondary amines. The electron-withdrawing trifluoroacetyl undergoes a nucleophilic addition with amines, and the complex was used to(More)
Three kinds of lanthanide phosphors (LaxLu1 xF3: Eu, LaF3–CaF2:Eu and LaF3: Eu) have been successfully synthesized based on three different ways such as molten salts, co-precipitation, supersonic and microwave irradiations. The as-prepared powder materials all exhibited red luminescence. Their crystal structures or morphologies were studied by means of(More)
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