Chuong T. Nguyen

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We introduce a multicomponent invertible AM-FM image transform and use it to define new nonlinear AM-FM filters for performing modulation domain image processing. The key elements of the transform are analysis and synthesis filterbanks based on the steerable image pyramid and perfect reconstruction demodulation algorithms based on analytic differentiation(More)
For the first time, we compute modulation domain features for infrared targets and backgrounds, including dominant modulations that characterize the local texture contrast, orientation, and granularity. We present a practical computational approach and introduce a new FM algorithm designed to reduce the approximation errors characteristic of many existing(More)
For the first time, we demonstrate modulation domain image filters that achieve perceptually motivated image processing goals by directly manipulating the FM functions in a multi-component AM-FM image model. The action of previous modulation domain filters has been limited to modification of the AM functions based on the values of the AM and FM functions.(More)
We compute AM-FM models for infrared video frames depicting military targets immersed in structured clutter backgrounds. We show that independent correlation based detection processes can be implemented in the pixel and modulation domains and used to construct useful online track consistency checks that indicate when the detection process has been degraded(More)
We introduce new generalized AM and FM functions to perform nonlinear image filtering in the modulation domain with consistent, artifact free phase reconstruction. The new framework enables us to design nonlinear filters in the modulation domain that are capable of producing perceptually motivated signal processing results. As an illustration, we(More)
We propose a new polynomial-time grayscale conversion algorithm applicable to general color images. The output grayscale image is modeled as a linear combination of three color channels where the mixing coefficients are computed by a constrained quadratic programming scheme using modulation domain features of the input color image. The optimization is(More)