Chunzheng Song

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To evaluate the impact of titanium dioxide nanoparticles (nTiO2) on the uptake of hydrophobic organic chemicals by marine bivalves, we conducted a comparative bioaccumulation study by exposing clam, Scapharca subcrenata, to phenanthrene (Phe) in the presence and absence of nTiO2. The large surface area of nTiO2 resulted in adsorption of co-existing Phe in(More)
Titanium dioxide nanoparticles (nTiO2) have the potential to adsorb co-existing contaminants in aqueous environment to form nanoparticle-contaminant complexes. Adsorption by nTiO2 might impact the fate of contaminants in water. Bioaccumulation experiments were conducted to compare the accumulation of polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) in marine bivalve(More)
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