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Intrusion detection system (IDS) has recently become a heated research topic due to its capability of preventing attacks from malicious network users. A pattern matching intrusion detection system has been proposed in this paper. The pattern matching based NIDS consists of four modules: collection module, analyze module, response module and attack rule(More)
The positioning error of distributed MDS-MAP algorithms comes from two aspects: the local positioning error and the position fusion error. In an attempt to improve the positioning result in both local positioning accuracy and global convergence probability, this paper proposes a novel MDS-MAP(LF) algorithm, which uses low frequency signal to measure the(More)
Traffic matrix is of great help in many network applications. However, it is very difficult to estimate the traffic matrix for a large-scale network. This is because the estimation problem from limited link measurements is highly under-constrained. We propose a simple probability model for a large-scale practical network. The probability model is then(More)
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