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According to the complex information of the teaching quality evaluation system, this thesis constructs evaluation index system, establishes teaching evaluation method based on Set Pair Analysis to rationally evaluate the teaching quality and gives suggestions for improvement. First, it constructs a teaching quality evaluation index system based on the(More)
Naive Bayes algorithm is a simple and efficient classification algorithm, but its conditional independence assumption is not always true in real life which is affected to some extent. Weighted Naive Bayesian classifier relax the conditional independence assumption to increase accuracy. Based on Identifiably matrix of Rough Set, a new weighted naive Bayes(More)
Sentiment trend of twitter users have a great influence on their friends and the crowd listened. This paper directs at the user sentiment state of twitter, the unique medium, and applies set pair analysis method for trend analysis. First, we begin with set pair contact degree, then based on set pair affective computing model to make comparison with the size(More)
Integrating characteristics' of uncertain graph and attribute graph, this paper presents" the uncertain attribute graph " concept on the basis of practical problem that relationship between individual and individual exists uncertainty and Individual and its relationship with attribute uncertainty in social network. And it descript its attribute. It(More)
We proposed a nonlinear model to perform a novel quantitative radiation sensitivity prediction. We used the NCI-60 panel, which consists of nine different cancer types, as the platform to train our model. Important radiation therapy (RT) related genes were selected by significance analysis of microarrays (SAM). Orthogonal latent variables (LVs) were then(More)
There exist the uncertainty of edge, vertex and its attributes in complicated networks, so probability attribute graph is formed. Finding closely subgraph in the probability attribute graph is a kind of important issues. The probability attribute subgraph and closely subgraph are put forward based on probability attribute graph. They are discussed from the(More)
Considering the certain-uncertain complex characteristics of the relationship between social network nodes, the set pair situation is expanded by combining the set pair analysis theoretical and social computing, and a new method is given to describe social network nodes relation situation - set pair connection potential, generalized set pair connection(More)