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The increasing interest in multiphase drive systems has led to the extension of inverter topologies and pulse width modulation (PWM) methods from three-phase to multiphase occasions. Carrier-based PWM (CPWM) dominates space vector PWM when the phase number increases, because of its simple computation and modular implementation. Although intensive work has(More)
In this paper, a novel multi-level converter was proposed where an isolated DC-DC converter with a multi-winding medium frequency transformer is used to realize the energy equalization within different cells. A cascaded H-bridge rectifier is directly connected to the AC grid and the normal input transformer was not necessary. Several separate DC buses can(More)
This paper proposes a multiport power electronic transformer (PET) topology with multiwinding medium-frequency transformer (MW-MFT) isolation along with the associated modeling analysis and control scheme. The power balance at different ports can be controlled using the multiwinding transformer's common flux linkage. The potential applications of the(More)
In this paper, a novel modular cascaded multi-level converter with multiwinding high-frequency (MWHF) transformer is proposed for medium- or high-voltage applications. In the proposed converter, a cascaded H-bridge rectifier (CHBR) is connected directly with the input ac source while the traditional step-down transformer is no longer necessary. Then, an(More)
A novel medium-frequency-transformer isolated matrix converter topology for wind energy conversion applications is proposed in this paper. The proposed topology consists of single-phase cascaded AC-AC converters on the utility side and three-phase matrix converters on the PMSG side, with medium frequency transformers as isolation. No DC-link capacitors or(More)
Control strategy of a novel multi-level converter with multi-winding MFT/HFT isolation is proposed where a medium frequency or high frequency multi-winding transformer is applied to realize the isolation and energy balance instead of conventional phase-shifting transformer. Load powers can be equalized among different windings by the energy delivery using(More)
A novel power electronic transformer (PET) topology with multiport bidirectional resonant DC-DC converters is proposed where several medium-frequency multi-winding transformers is applied to realize the isolation. The topology is with high power density as well as high efficiency, which is a appropriate solution for electric tracton application like(More)
This paper is focused on a new converter topology with medium frequency transformer isolation for medium voltage (MV) wind turbine generator (WTG) power systems. The approach is a high density power conversion, with simultaneous high performance features suitable for next generation wind power systems for both on-shore and off-shore applications. The(More)
The modular multilevel matrix converter (M3C) is a promising topology for medium-voltage, high-power applications. Due to the modular structure, it is scalable and capable to produce high quality output waveforms and can be fault tolerant. However, the M3C suffers from low frequency capacitor voltage fluctuation if the output frequency is close to the input(More)
This paper investigates a novel power electronic transformer (PET) topology and the power characteristics of its isolation units for traction applications. Power characteristics analysis is necessary for the proposition of control scheme for PET. Simplified equivalent circuit of MFT in the novel topology is discussed. Furthermore, power characteristics of(More)