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Ramp-loss nonparallel support vector regression: Robust, sparse and scalable approximation
A Ramp-loss nonparallel support vector regression (RL-NPSVR) is proposed in this work. Expand
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Study on Knowledge Reasoning Based on Extended Formulas
Extended formulas are established based on the extended analysis principle of basic-element, and the new knowledge representation methods and knowledge reasoning modes with extended formulas. Expand
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Extension Innovation Design of Product Family Based on Kano Requirement Model
This paper uses Kano requirement model to find essential demands, clarify customers’ demands, and utilizes extension innovation methods to establish models for the products, which have different characteristics, then uses extensive analysis and extension transformations to obtained new products designs according to superiority evaluation methods. Expand
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Research on network RTK positioning algorithm aided by quantum ranging
An integer ambiguities resolution method aided by the high precision quantum ranging is proposed, in which the Householder transformation is employed to preserve the independence of different observations. Expand
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Basic theory and methodology on Extenics
Human history is a developing history of solving contradictory problems. Relevant processes about using computer and the Internet to solve contradictory problems are collectively referred toExpand
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Toxicokinetics and toxic effects of a Chinese PFOS alternative F-53B in adult zebrafish.
6:2 chlorinated polyfluorinated ether sulfonate (F-53B), a Chinese PFOS alternative, has recently been identified in river water, sewage sludge, wildlife and humans, causing great concerns about itsExpand
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Extension Innovation Method
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Nonparallel support vector regression model and its SMO-type solver
A novel nonparallel support vector machine (NPSVR) is proposed in spirit of NPSVM, which outperforms existing twin support vector regression (TSVR) methods in sparseness, generalization ability and scalability. Expand
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Knowledge representations based on extension rules
  • Chunyan Yang, W. Cai
  • Computer Science
  • 7th World Congress on Intelligent Control and…
  • 25 June 2008
Knowledge representation is the core of knowledge engineering. Its capability directly influences the validity of reasoning and the capability of knowledge attaining. Therefore, there are manyExpand
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