Chunyan Song

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Impossible differential cryptanalysis is a method recovering secret key by getting rid of the keys that satisfy impossible differential relations. This cryptanalysis has been used to attack AES and many good results were gotten. For the new block cipher ARIA is similar to AES in structure, it is necessary to research its security against impossible(More)
Feature extraction is a key point of pattern recognition. Wavelet features are attractive for vehicle detection because they form a compact representation, encode edges, capture information from multi-resolution, and can be computed efficiently. This paper focuses on the improvement of wavelet features. The wavelet features directly based on signed(More)
Workflow Management System is used for supporting many day-to-day workflows in large organizations. But heterogeneous and distributed computing systems make security management of WFMS decentralized, thus its security must be noticed. In this paper, we propose a role-based secure workflow model which realizes the principle of separation of duties (SoD), the(More)
Lasing action in an electrically pumped organic laser device is demonstrated with a high quality factor (Q) microcavity structure formed by two high-reflective and low-loss electrical contacts. A 4-(dicyanomethylene)-2-i-propyl-6-(1,1,7,7-tetramethyljulolidyl-9-enyl)-4H-pyran-doped tris(8-hydroxy-quinoline)aluminum (Alq(3)) film serves as the active layer.(More)
A monocular vision based location algorithm is presented to detect and track rear vehicles for lane change assist. The algorithm uses the shadow underneath the vehicle to extract regions of interest (ROI), and then locates vehicles with the combination of symmetry, contour and the shadow underneath a vehicle. Three symmetry criteri-ons are proposed to(More)
A novel UV transparent conducting films based on Sb2O3/Ag/Sb2O3 (SAS) structure, which were prepared by an electron-beam thermal evaporation at room temperature. This SAS exhibits excellent electrical, optical and stable properties. Especially for UV region, the SAS has high transmittance of 80% at 306 nm and 92% at 335 nm, meanwhile achieving low sheet(More)
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