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RATIONALE Left-right (LR) asymmetry is ubiquitous in animal development. Cytoskeletal chirality was recently reported to specify LR asymmetry in embryogenesis, suggesting that LR asymmetry in tissue morphogenesis is coordinated by single- or multi-cell organizers. Thus, to organize LR asymmetry at multiscale levels of morphogenesis, cells with chirality(More)
Malaria is a leading cause of morbidity and mortality, estimated to cause >1 million childhood deaths annually. Plasmodium falciparum causes the most severe form of the disease. There is as yet no licensed vaccine for this disease, despite over a half century of research. In this study, we investigated a transmission-blocking vaccine candidate, the ookinete(More)
The effects of age on repetition priming and how such differences were related to intentional learning and working memory status were examined. Fourteen older (age 65-75) and 14 younger (age 18-28) healthy adults performed a modified delayed match-to-sample task consisting of a target object held in mind followed by nine test objects. Sixty four-channel(More)
The present study used event-related potentials (ERPs) to investigate the underlying neural mechanisms of visual affective priming. Eighteen young native English-speakers (6 males, 12 females) participated in the study. Two sets of 720 prime-target pairs (240 affectively congruent, 240 affectively incongruent, and 240 neutral) used either words or pictures(More)
Repetition of visually common objects was examined in relation to prior intentional learning and memory status using a delayed match-to-sample task in humans. Both response time and two temporally separate event-related potential (ERP) components indexed repetition. The early repetition effect ( approximately 200-550 ms) evoked more ERP responses for(More)
Co3O4 microspheres with free-standing or bundled nanofibers (NFs) were fabricated for use as a platform for non-enzymatic glucose sensing. The sensor based on free-standing Co3O4 NFs displays enhanced sensitivity (1440 μA mM(-1) cm(-2)), a wider linear range (0.005-12 mM) and superior selectivity. The application of this glucose sensor in human blood serum(More)
—J2EE model and technology, and the concept and structure of MVC pattern, are introduced in this paper. Based on the four-tier J2EE architecture and the MVC pattern, a technology roadmap of the e-Commerce system architecture is planned out: JSP plus Servlet plus Session Bean plus CMP plus Database, which makes up the shortcomings of unclear business logic(More)
The vast majority of decision-making research is performed under the assumption of the value maximizing principle. This principle implies that when making decisions, individuals try to optimize outcomes on the basis of cold mathematical equations. However, decisions are emotion-laden rather than cool and analytic when they tap into life-threatening(More)
OBJECTIVE The intent of this study was to evaluate the clinical outcome and risk factors affecting mortality of the continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD) patients in a single peritoneal dialysis (PD) center over a period of 10 years. PATIENTS AND METHODS We retrospectively analyzed patients on PD from June 2001 to June 2011. The clinical and(More)
We observed serum parameters and urinary findings of IgA nephropathy (IgAN) patients in the short and longer time after tonsillectomy, to provide evidences to clarify the role of tonsils in the pathogenesis of IgAN and the feasibility of tonsillectomy for IgAN patients. For the short-term study, 19 patients with both IgAN and chronic tonsillitis (group A)(More)