Chunyan Du

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A speed control system is designed for isothermal forging processes of a hydraulic press. Based on the hydraulic theory and the system structure, the mathematical model of the hydraulic press is formulated with its features discussed. To deal with the characteristics of nonlinear and time-variant of this controlled plant, a single neuron adaptive PID(More)
A ultra-low speed closed loop control system is designed for the isothermal forging technical. Control system applies M/T speed measurement method to improve the speed measurement precision by using the magnetostriction position sensor for position measurement. According to the characteristics of control object, system adopts varying parameter PID control(More)
A PID neural network is proposed to solve the decoupling problem of multi-cylinder forging machine. Based on analyzing forging machine's model the PID neural network is determined as 10-15-5 structure. 10 input- neurons connect the given value and the measure value of left front cylinder, left posterior cylinder, right front cylinder, right posterior(More)
To solve the problem about the stability of the internal dynamics in the feedback linearization control of 80MN titanium-alloy forging hydraulic press, according to the characteristics of the structure of the system, a supervision controller is designed with fuzzy control method. By the mixed control with feedback linearization and fuzzy supervision, the(More)
In the large space, especially outdoor high-speed airflow occasions, early fire smoke detection is a problem all over the world for a long time. Traditional smoke detectors do not meet the requirements. A smoke detection method based on smoke dynamics feature and color feature is proposed. Experimental results show that the method efficiently detect the(More)
This paper presents an inverse model learning trajectory control system of manipulators based on a second order recurrent neural network. The recurrent neural network approximates the inverse dynamic model of manipulators with less input information and simpler structure than the conventional applied feed-forward neural network. Based on analyzing the model(More)
In this paper, a sliding mode controller is designed for a hydraulic press based on iterative approximation method. The nonlinear model of the hydraulic press is approached by a sequence of iterative linear time-varying systems, thus the control problem of the nonlinear system could be solved through these linear systems. Then a series of sliding(More)
The differential geometry method is proposed to solve the high-accuracy speed control problem of forging machine. Considering the pipe's effect the model is built as a 6-degree affine nonlinear equation which is equivalent to a linear model through differential geometric feedback linearization. For this equivalent linear model the good performance of speed(More)
The case study of EIA in land use planning provides new accordance for the coming new round of land use planning revision, which means, it will be of great necessity to set up a both scientific and subjective assessment system. The traditional assessing methods are too much objective, while ANN model, as a nonlinear quantified method, is able to eliminate(More)
The impacts of land use on ecosystem have received high attention in global environmental change. Different land use patterns and intensities play significant impact on ecological integrity, which can be directly reflected on ecosystem composition and structure. The effectiveness of ecosystem integrity evaluation plays an important role in sustainable(More)