Chunya Hua

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A previous study indicated that peripheral visual information strongly affects the judgment of egocentric distances for users of immersive virtual environments. The experiment described in this document aimed to investigate if these effects could be explained in terms of changes in gait caused by visual information in the extreme periphery. Three conditions(More)
In many medical Augmented Reality (AR) applications, doctors want the ability to place a physical object, such as a needle or other medical device, at the depth indicated by a virtual object. Often, this object will be located behind an occluding surface, such as the patient's skin. In this poster we describe efforts to determine how accurately this can be(More)
We have conducted an experiment to study the effect of an occluding surface on the accuracy of near field depth matching in augmented reality (AR). Our experiment was based on replicating a similar experiment conducted by Edwards et al. [2]. We used an AR haploscope, which allows us to independently manipulate accommodative demand and vergence angle.(More)
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