Chunxin Liu

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We determined the complete chloroplast genome sequence of Cunninghamia lanceolata (GenBank accession: NC_021437.1) in this study. The total length of the chloroplast genome is 135 334 bp. The GC content is 35%. A total of 119 genes are successfully annotated, including 35 tRNA (20 tRNA species), 3 rRNA (3 rRNA species) and 81 protein-coding genes (81 PCG(More)
Minipigs have become important biomedical models for human ailments due to similarities in organ anatomy, physiology, and circadian rhythms relative to humans. The homeostasis of circadian rhythms in both central and peripheral tissues is pivotal for numerous biological processes. Hence, biological rhythm disorders may contribute to the onset of cancers and(More)
A full-length cDNA designated as the EcaICE1 gene was isolated from Eucalyptus camaldulensis. The EcaICE1 gene was predicted to encode a MYC-like protein of 523 amino acids presenting a considerable degree of homology to currently identified plant inducer of CBF expression 1 (ICE1) proteins. RT-PCR assays indicated that EcaICE1 gene was expressed in a(More)
Quantitative trait locus (QTL) analysis was conducted on three full-sib Pinus elliottii var. elliottii × P. caribaea var. hondurensis (PEE × PCH) hybrid families to identify genomic regions affecting two growth traits, height (Ht) and DBH at age 5, and seven morphological (“form”) traits. The QTL detection population consisted of family A containing 122(More)
Agarwood is a kind of important and precious traditional Chinese medicine. With the decreasing of natural agarwood, artificial cultivation has become more and more important in recent years. Quantifying the formation of agarwood is an essential work which could provide information for guiding cultivation and controlling quality. But people only can judge(More)
We examined the prevalence of sex with older male partner (SWOMP) and its association with condomless anal intercourse (CAI) with male partners and unrecognized HIV infection among young men who have sex with men (MSM) in Shanghai, China. The analytic sample included 243 MSM who were 18-45 years and HIV negative or of unknown HIV serostatus. Older male(More)
PURPOSE To conduct meta-analyses of all available studies comparing efficacies of prophylactic cefuroxime and prophylactic gentamicin/flucloxacillin (Gen/Flu) in preventing post-operative wound infections and their association with risks of Clostridium difficile infections and post-operative renal impairment. METHODS Published studies including both(More)
The complete chloroplast sequence of Gnetum montanum (GenBank accession number: NC_021438.1) was determined and characterized in this study. The size of the chloroplast genome of Gnetum montanum is 115 019 bp. Including a large single copy (LSC) region of 66 697 bp and a small single copy (SSC) region of 9494 bp separated by a pair of identical inverted(More)
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