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Nowadays, Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is becoming a hot topic after the "Sensor China" concept proposed in 2009. Sensor nodes are deployed in a hostile or unattended environment to collect the data information. Therefore, network security has become a big problem. A new key management scheme of security network architecture for wireless sensor network is(More)
Mobile phones which use Android or other smartphone operating systems, equipped with richer applications than traditional ones, enable users to leave more things to phones to deal with. As a result, personal information stored on mobile phones becomes more and more. It is well known that backup is an important means to keep the information safe. However,(More)
Nowadays, OpenID is a popular specification and provided by several large websites. It is decentralized, open standard to authenticate user's identity. We don't deny that OpenID has some disadvantages. In our proposal, we try to improve the performance of OpenID. The proposed OpenID authentication mechanism is embedded with One-time password (OTP)(More)
In order to protect the security of online transactions, e-commerce systems generally use PKI technology to meet the security demands of identity authentication, confidentiality and integrity of transaction information. But as storage carriers of digital certificate, IE browser is not safe or portable, and although USB-Key is relatively safe and convenient,(More)
In the cognitive radio systems, sensor nodes perform a backoff process as soon as the clear channel assessment (CCA) detects a busy channel. In doing so they may neglect the implicit information of the failed CCA detection and further cause the redundant sensing. The blind backoff process in the CSMA/CA will cause lower channel utilization. This paper(More)
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