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—In this paper, we present a new spectrum-hole prediction model for cognitive radio (CR) systems based on the IEEE 802.11 wireless local areas networks. We have also analyzed the distribution of interval between two consecutive packets (ITCP) based on a simple two-user network. For multiuser networks, we have investigated the distribution of ITCP and study(More)
This letter considers a compute-and-forward two-way relaying channel with simultaneous wireless information and power transfer. Specifically, two single-antenna users exchange information via a multi-antenna relay station based on nested lattice codes. Meanwhile, wireless energies flow from the relay to users for circuit consumption and uplink transmission.(More)
As a critical technique to raise coding efficiency in H.265/HEVC (H.265/High Efficiency Video Coding), the number of prediction modes for intra coding is much larger than that in H.264/AVC. However, the large number of prediction modes also leads to high complexity. In this paper, an AR (Auto Regression) based fast mode decision method for H.265/HEVC intra(More)
Local feature descriptor has been widely used in computer vision field due to their excellent discriminative power and strong robustness. However, the forms of such local descriptors are predefined in the hand-crafted way, which requires strong domain knowledge to design them. In this paper, we propose a simple and efficient Spherical Hashing based Binary(More)