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Two empirical uncertain models for project scheduling problem
The project scheduling problem with uncertain activity durations is considered, and two types of models for uncertain project scheduling problems are established according to different managementExpand
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A mathematical model of Zika virus and its optimal control
A compartmental mathematical model is constructed in order to describe the transmission dynamics of Zika virus. The threshold value of the disease is illustrated by using the basic reproductionExpand
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Multi-host transmission dynamics of schistosomiasis and its optimal control.
In this paper we formulate a dynamical model to study the transmission dynamics of schistosomiasis in humans and snails. We also incorporate bovines in the model to study their impact on transmissionExpand
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A NN-Based Hybrid Intelligent Algorithm for a Discrete Nonlinear Uncertain Optimal Control Problem
A discrete-time nonlinear optimal control system with uncertain perturbation is studied in this paper. A value-iteration-based hybrid intelligent algorithm (HIA), incorporating heuristic dynamicExpand
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Project Scheduling Problem with Uncertain Activity Duration Times
Project scheduling problem is to determine the schedule of allocating resources so as to balance the total cost and the completion time. This paper considers project scheduling problem with uncertainExpand
The effect of time delays on transmission dynamics of schistosomiasis
Abstract A 6-dimension dynamical schistosomiasis model incorporating five time delays is established in this paper. Two equilibrium points: a disease free equilibrium and an endemic equilibrium, areExpand
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A delayed Schistosomiasis transmission model and its dynamics
Abstract A 6-dimension dynamical Schistosomiasis model incorporating 5 time delays is established in order to investigate the effects of time delays on the transmission mechanisms of Schistosomiasis.Expand
Project Scheduling Problem with Uncertain variables
This paper presents four new uncertain programming models for project scheduling and investment arranging problem. Taking advantage of some properties of uncertainty theory, these models can beExpand