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Recently, Worku et al. pointed out that the work " privacy-preserving public auditing for data storage security in cloud computing " proposed by Wang et al. is insecure and their second work " privacy-preserving public auditing for secure cloud the storage " is inefficient. Thus, they offered a secure and efficient-privacy public auditing scheme for cloud(More)
A scheme for general group oriented ID-based cryptosys-tems is proposed. This scheme allows an authorized subset in the general access structure to cooperatively de-crypt the ciphertext of a message. It is constructed using bi-linear pairings. Its security is based on the intractabil-ity of the computational bilinear Diffie-Hellman problem. The scheme(More)
BACKGROUND Hydroxyproline rich glycoproteins (HRGPs) are implicated to have a role in many aspects of plant growth and development but there is limited knowledge about their localization and function during somatic embryogenesis of higher plants. In this study, the localization and function of hydroxyproline rich glycoproteins in embryogenic cells (ECs) and(More)