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The Forest Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture is dedicated to the principle of multiple use management of the Nation's forest resources for sustained yields of wood, water, forage, wildlife, and recreation. Through forestry research, cooperation with the States and private forest owners, and management of the National Forests and National(More)
A GIS-based method for locating potential tree-planting sites based on land cover data is introduced. Criteria were developed to identify locations that are spatially available for potential tree planting based on land cover, sufficient distance from impervious surfaces, a minimum amount of pervious surface, and no crown overlap with other trees. In an(More)
—the Internet provides new opportunities and challenges for agricultural product marketing. B2B E-marketplace is a model of E-commerce, which has been used to trade a wide range of goods, including agricultural products. The paper attempted to analyze the benefits and critical factors of B2B e-marketplace in agriculture product marketing case study by(More)
T-DNA insertion mutants have been widely used to investigate plant gene functions. Unexpectedly, in several reported cases, the phenotype of T-DNA insertion mutations can be suppressed because of trans T-DNA interactions associated with epigenetic modification, which indicates that caution is needed when T-DNA mutants are used. In the present study, we(More)
To understand function of NR gene roundly and get new breeding material, the NR gene was down-regulated by antisense inhibition and the reaction of physiological and growth and development were roundly researched in nr mutants of tomato. The result shows that the wild-type fruits (wt) have higher level of expression of NR gene than nr1, nr2, nr3, nr4.(More)
Generational cultural gaps (assessed as the mismatch between adolescents' ideals and perceptions of the parent-adolescent relationship) were investigated among Chinese youth with immigrant parents and their European American counterparts who have been in the United States for generations and assumingly do not have intergenerational cultural gaps. The(More)
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