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The limitation of network bandwidth can lead to the loss of packets at the receiving end.This kind of packet loss degrades the speech quality, and causes impairments present in IP network, such as namely jitter and delay. To deal with the phenomenon that the network bandwidth changes dynamically and frequently, this dissertation presents two adaptive QoS(More)
In this document several popular solutions on QoS are showed and its’ advantage and disadvantage is analyzed. At last integrating the advantage of these solution a new QoS model is brought forward, which integrates MPLS traffic engineering, DiffServ and IntServ Simulations about this model are done, result is indicated, it can improve(More)
In this paper it designs a new streaming media transmission system which is guarantee of QoS and suitable for the transmission of real-time multimedia data (H.264 format). This transmitting system includes Network conditions judge algorithm and the adaptive control algorithm for network transmission. This transmission system judges the situation of the(More)
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This paper describes the principles of QoS communications, analysis the requirements of how voip to provide QoS guarantees, clarify the major problems it's facing now. And proposes the solution to the problem of latency, jitter, packet loss and echo effects, with the same time introduces several of the QoS model that can improve the qos of voip, discusses(More)
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