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In this paper, a neural network based sliding model control scheme for systems with unknown hysteresis is proposed. In the control scheme, a neural network model is utilized to describe the behavior of hysteresis. Comparing with the Preisach model, the proposed model can be easily adjusted on-line to adapt the change of operation conditions. Then, an(More)
With the restriction that the MEMS sensor can not output the attitude angels for UAV directly, the attitude estimation method based on information fusion of complementary filter is designed. Combined with the analysis of the relation between attitude angular rate and attitude angel in different dynamical mode of UAV, concluding high and low frequency, the(More)
This paper presents a hybrid neural network (NN) model for hysteresis in mechanical or piezoelectric systems. It is proven that the Preisach-type hysteresis can be transformed to the general continuous mappings such as one-to-one or multi-value-to-one mapping, which can be approximated by the neural network based universal approximators. The proposed hybrid(More)
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