Chunta Chu

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Off-chip decoupling capacitor (decap) allocation is a demanding task during package and chip codesign. Existing approaches can not handle large numbers of I/O counts and large numbers of legal decap positions. In this paper, we propose a fast decoupling capacitor allocation method. By applying a spectral clustering, a small amount of principal I/Os can be(More)
—To efficiently analyze the large-scale interconnect dominant circuits with inductive couplings (mutual inductances), this paper introduces a new state matrix, called VNA, to stamp inverse-inductance elements by replacing inductive-branch current with flux. The state matrix under VNA is diagonal-dominant, sparse, and passive. To further explore the sparsity(More)
This paper studies microprocessor floorplanning considering thermal and throughput optimization. We first develop a stochastic heat diffusion model taking into account the application dependent power load for thermal analysis. Then, we design the floorplanning algorithm based on this model. Experimental results show that, compared with the deterministic(More)
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