Chunsun Zhang

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The possibility of performing fast and small-volume nucleic acid amplification and analysis on a single chip has attracted great interest. Devices based on this idea, referred to as micro total analysis, microfluidic analysis, or simply 'Lab on a chip' systems, have witnessed steady advances over the last several years. Here, we summarize recent research on(More)
A simple, novel concept for the one-step fabrication of a low-cost, easy-to-use droplet-based electrochemical (EC) sensor is described, in which the EC reagents are contained in a droplet and the droplet assay is operated on a simple planar surface instead of in a complicated closed channel/chamber. In combination with an elegant carbon electrode(More)
Accurate waveform restoration, from the received noisy waveform, is of great interest to the full-waveform LiDAR community. As a result of this, important attributes could be estimated precisely which are valuable in describing and differentiating LiDAR targets. Assumptions behind prominent methods like the Gaussian decomposition do not hold due to the(More)
Automatic registration of multi-sensor data is a basic step in data fusion applications. Mutual information (MI) has been widely used in medical and remote sensing image registration. In this paper, an effective histogram binning technique is proposed to improve the robustness of image registration using MI and Normalized MI (NMI). Increasing the bin size(More)