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—In combination with 3G technology, multimedia technology, database technology, telecommunication technology, etc, as well as the knowledge about medical diagnostics and emergency treatment, this paper presents a mobile telemedicine system for self-rescue in medical emergency. This system can connect the doctors and patients who are physically separated,(More)
—With the development of economy and society, people become more fluid, and in the meanwhile there is increasing demand for medical service in mobile environment. Especially when an outdoor accident or Paroxysmal disease happens, the earliest and most effective rescue is offered not by the medical staffs, but by people themselves. At that moment, if the(More)
—Information system has become the indispensable support platform required by daily operations in modern enterprises. IC manufacturing industry is the most important base of advanced information products. Its rich knowledge innovation, complex production process, and high degree of cooperation require particular risk management on information security. On(More)
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