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Description of a new branchiate scale-worm (Polychaeta: Polynoidae) from the hydrothermal vent on Southwest Indian Ocean Ridge
A new species belonging to the genus Branchip Carolynoe, Branchipolynoe longqiensis n.
Different vertical distribution of zooplankton community between North Pacific Subtropical Gyre and Western Pacific Warm Pool: its implication to carbon flux
The mesozooplankton in both epipelagic and mesopelagic zones is essentially important for the study of ecosystem and biological carbon pump. Previous studies showed that the diel vertical migration
A new species in the genus Styracaster (Echinodermata: Asteroidea: Porcellanasteridae) from hadal depth of the Yap Trench in the western Pacific.
Styracaster yapensis sp. nov. is reported from the Yap Trench in the western Pacific from hadal depths between 6377-6575 m, which is among the deepest known occurrence of a species in this genus. It
Morphological description and population structure of an ophiuroid species from cobalt-rich crust seamounts in the Northwest Pacific: Implications for marine protection under deep-sea mining
Many seamounts are covered with cobalt-rich ferromanganese crusts, and are increasingly attracting interest for the potential extraction of valuable mineral resources from deep seabed environments.
Ophiuroid fauna of cobalt-rich crust seamounts in the Northwest Pacific Ocean
Seamounts are vulnerable ecosystems in the deep sea and can be heavily impacted by human activities, such as bottom fishing and deep-sea mining. The species composition and distribution patterns of
The distribution of chlorophyll a in the tropical eastern Indian Ocean in austral summer
To study the effect of hydrographic factors on the spatial distributions of chlorophyll a (Chl a), an investigation was carried out in the tropical eastern Indian Ocean (80°-100°E along 7°S, and