Chunsheng Jiang

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Two-dimensional numerical simulation of a line tunnel field effect transistor with Ge/Si heterojunction was conducted. It was shown that this proposed device has a considerably high on-state current (I<sub>on</sub>) at an ultra low drain voltage thus a high I<sub>on</sub>/I<sub>off</sub> ratio. The shortening of the gap-channel region can produce a higher(More)
An analytical electrostatic potential model for Junctionless Cylindrical Surrounding-Gate (JLCSG) MOSFETs was developed by solving the 2-D Poisson equation based on parabolic approximation. Furthermore, the expression of electrostatic potential was used to derive the formulas for scale length, threshold voltage, subthreshold slope, and subthreshold drain(More)
Junctionless transistors (JLTs) are presumed more scalable compared to other technologies, but its circuit performance is not fully understood. In this paper, we develop a charge-based compact model for a double-gate JLT(DGJLT) to explore the dc and the quasi-static performance of the transistor technology. First, 1-D Poisson&#x2019;s equation is solved(More)
In this paper, we report a detailed study of the negative capacitance field effect transistor (NCFET). We present the condition for the stabilization of the negative capacitance to achieve the voltage amplification across the active layer. The theory is based on Landauʼs theory of ferroelectrics combined with the surface potential model in all regimes of(More)
High performance, flexible integrated electronic/optoelectronic systems offer powerful capabilities in a range of important applications, from devices for neuromodulation and bioelectronic medicines, to advanced surgical diagnostic systems to tools for biomedical research. Some of the most sophisticated systems use ultrathin inorganic active materials(More)
An analytical drain current model was proposed for long-channel double-gate negative capacitance junctionless transistors (DG NC JLTs) with a metal-ferroelectric-insulator-semiconductor structure. The analytical model was derived by solving Poisson's equation, Pao-Sah equation and Landau-Khalatnikov equation. It was shown that the off-state current could be(More)
Wearable and implantable electronic (WIE) devices are enabling a new generation of customized real-time health monitoring systems. Some of the highest performance systems involve MOSFET-based sensors as well as MOSFET-based digital and analog circuits. Protecting these transistors in a harsh fluidic environment is difficult because the requirement of(More)
Inspired by the Green function theory, a physics-based short-channel electrostatic potential model for junctionless double-gate MOSFETs was proposed based on method of series expansion and method of undetermined coefficients to solve the Poisson's equation. Threshold voltage model and subthreshold slope model were derived from the developed electrostatic(More)
An analytical electrostatic potential model for Junctionless Cylindrical Surrounding-Gate (JLCSG) MOSFETs was developed by solving the 2-D Poisson equation based on a method of series expansion similar to Green's function. Subthreshold behavior was studied in detail by changing different device parameters and bias conditions, including doping concentration,(More)