Chunrui Zhang

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A symmetric BAM neural network model with delay is considered. Some results of Hopf bifurcations occurring at the zero equilibrium as the delay increases are exhibited. The existence of multiple periodic solutions is established using a symmetric Hopf bifurcation result of Wu [J. Wu, Symmetric functional differential equations and neural networks with(More)
Gibberellin (GA) is a key signal molecule inducing differentiation of tracheary elements, fibers, and xylogenesis. However the molecular mechanisms underlying the effect of GA on xylem elongation and secondary wall development in tree species remain to be determined. In this study, Betula platyphylla (birch) seeds were treated with 300 ppm GA₃ and/or 300(More)
In this paper, we consider a three-dimensional discrete neural network model with delay. The characteristic equation of the linearized system at the zero solution is a polynomial equation involving very high order terms. We derive some sufficient and necessary conditions on the asymptotic stability and multiple bifurcations of the zero solution. We give(More)
Increasing evidence reveals that diverse non-coding RNAs (ncRNAs) play critically important roles in viral infection. Viruses can use diverse ncRNAs to manipulate both cellular and viral gene expression to establish a host environment conducive to the completion of the viral life cycle. Many host cellular ncRNAs can also directly or indirectly influence(More)
Plant MYB transcription factors control diverse biological processes, such as differentiation, development and abiotic stress responses. In this study, we characterized BplMYB46, an MYB gene from Betula platyphylla (birch) that is involved in both abiotic stress tolerance and secondary wall biosynthesis. BplMYB46 can act as a transcriptional activator in(More)
WRKY proteins are a large family of transcription factors that are involved in diverse developmental processes and abiotic stress responses in plants. However, our knowledge of the regulatory mechanisms of WRKYs participation in protein-protein interactions is still fragmentary, and such protein-protein interactions are fundamental in understanding(More)
In this paper, a simplified neutral BAM neural network model is considered. Some results of Stability and Hopf bifurcations occurring at the zero equilibrium as the delay increases are exhibited. Global existence of periodic solutions are established by using a global Hopf bifurcation result of Wu and a Bendixson criterion for higher dimensional ordinary(More)
Synthetic biologists have developed DNA/molecular modules that perform genetic logic operations in living cells to track key moments in a cell's life or change the fate of a cell. Increasing evidence has also revealed that diverse genetic logic gates capable of generating a Boolean function play critically important roles in synthetic biology. Basic genetic(More)