Chunrong Zuo

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Recent years, the frequent occurrence of public health emergency incident in China has caused great loss to economy and severe impact to peoples' lives. The public health emergency decision is an unstructured and non-programmed decision under high pressure, and this has brought great difficulties to public health department. In this paper the case-based(More)
Security assessment of Thermal Power Plants (TPPs) is one of the important means to guarantee the safety of production in thermal power production enterprises. Essentially, the evaluation of power plant systems relies to a large extent on the knowledge and length of experience of the experts. Therefore in this domain Case-Based Reasoning (CBR) is introduced(More)
The core link of emergency plan system based on case-based reasoning is fast and accurate retrieval the preplan which is similar with the target questions and easy to modify. Relative to the general retrieval problem, Preplan retrieval face many new situations and problems because of the complexity of emergency preplan. Aiming at the characteristics of(More)
When there is an ignition, other places may catch fire at any time in the same area, and the efficiency of schedule emergency resources is often affected by external factors to be lower, making the actual dispatching time much longer. We introduce the path's reliability level which is based on emergency rescue time. Under the precondition of minimizing the(More)
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