Chunqing Huang

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In video coding, motion estimation is the most time consuming part due to its high computational complexity. Based on the high temporal and spatial correlation of motion vector (MV), a new fast motion estimation algorithm of UMHexagonS (UMH) has been proposed to reduce computational complexity by using relatively few search points without degrading image(More)
The SIFT features performs quite well on object identification. The features are invariant to image scale, rotation and robust to the noise and illumination. However, the face recognition based on SIFT features have rarely investigated systematically. This paper proposes a simple approach to solve face recognition problems based on SIFT features. It made(More)
OBJECTIVE To select the receptor fluid used in the in-vitro skin permeation study of CVD from Shuxin transdermal patch. METHODS The saturated concentration of CVD in different receptor fluid was determined by RP-HPLC with precolumn ultraviolet derivatization. And the selection of receptor fluid was based on main drug's dissolvability. RESULTS The(More)
As for performance assessment based on MV (minimum variance) benchmark for MIMO systems, the knowledge of Markov parameter matrices is at least required for calculation of MV benchmark. However, in some occasions such as plant uncertainty, it is difficult to obtain the exact Markov parameter matrices. This work is to find the solution for MV-based(More)
As for MPC controllers, hard-constraint such as constraints on input magnitude or/and rate are generally regarded as an inviolable rule that has to be satisfied strictly before the cost function is optimized at each sampling instant. Such strategy is to result in control conservatism of MPC, as well as infeasibility problem. In this paper,(More)
The major drawback to the deterministic method for MPC robust design is computational complexity on-line and control conservatism. From the probabilistic point of view, Randomized Algorithm of constrained MPC is developed in this paper, in which the additive disturbances are taken as random variables and then the control algorithm is simplified into on-line(More)
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