Chunping Yao

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Spectrum utilization, as a current hot research topic, has been paid extensive attention to in cognitive wireless networks. However, due to the complexities and dynamic properties in wireless networks, how to enhance effectively the spectrum utilization is still the main challenge to encounter at present. In this paper, we propose an effective dynamic(More)
Energy consumption has become a main problem of sustainable development in communication networks and how to communicate with high energy efficiency is a significant topic that re- searchers and network operators commonly concern. In this paper, an energy-efficient multicast algorithm in multi-hop wireless networks is proposed aiming at new generation(More)
Origin-Destination (OD) traffic anomalies reflect network-level traffic anomaly behaviors, which is significantly dangerous to network operation. OD traffic anomalies in a network are investigated in this paper, using statistical analysis based on principle component analysis (PCA). Firstly, we use PCA method to analyze network traffic characteristics and(More)
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