Chunping Liu

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— In this paper, iterative learning control (ILC) is applied to network-based control problems in which communication channels are subject to random transport delay and data dropout. An averaging ILC algorithm is used to overcome the random factors. Through analysis, it is shown that ILC can perform well and achieve asymptotical convergence in ensemble(More)
BACKGROUND Dystonia is a heterogenous group of movement disorders whose clinical spectrum is very wide. At least 13 different genes and gene loci have been reported. While a 3-bp deletion in the DYT1 gene is the most frequent cause of early limb-onset, generalized dystonia, it has also been found in non-generalized forms of sporadic dystonia. An 18-bp(More)
The epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) confers mesenchymal properties on epithelial cells and has been closely associated with the acquisition of aggressive traits by epithelial cancer cells. To identify novel regulators of EMT, we carried out cDNA screens that covered 500 human kinases. Subsequent characterization of candidate kinases led us to(More)
Knowledge of the genetic structure and evolutionary history of tree species across their ranges is essential for the development of effective conservation and forest management strategies. Acer mono var. mono, an economically and ecologically important maple species, is extensively distributed in Northeast China (NE), whereas it has a scattered and patchy(More)
Manchurian ash (Fraxinus mandshurica Rupr.) is a valuable hardwood species in Northeast China. In cultures of F. mandshurica, somatic embryos were produced mainly on browned explants. Therefore, we studied the mechanism of explant browning and its relationship with somatic embryogenesis (SE). We used explants derived from F. mandshurica immature zygotic(More)