Chunpeng Li

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Time delay must be inserted in the switching signals to prevent the simultaneous conduction of two switching devices in the same leg of the inverter, however, this results in a decrease of the fundamental component and an increase of the odd-order except the triple-n harmonics of the output voltage of the inverter. The distortion of output voltage further(More)
Axial Field Permanent Magnet Motor (AFPM) can be easily integrated into wheel-hub motor of Electrical Vehicle (EV) as impact structure and light weight. Improved hexagonal asymmetry coil is presented in Printed Circuit Board (PCB) stator of coreless AFPM. Geometry parameters of coil shape is optimized. According to the structure characteristics of coreless(More)
In order to avoid the unsafe operation and raise efficiency of yokeless and segmented armature axial flux motors at high speed, the control current of air gap flux is expected to be as small as possible with the same field-weakening effect. To reduce the control complexity, a new structure of module poles with a combination of permanent magnet and soft(More)
Digital control has become the mainstream of DC/DC converter control technique. However, conventional analog control is less effective compared with analog control. In this paper, taking phase-shifted full-bridge ZVZCS (Zero-Voltage-Zero-Current-Switching) converter as an example,we analyze in detail the effect of the digital control on system stability and(More)
DC microgrids have the potential to radically disrupt the distribution system market due to the benefits offered in easing the integration and control of distributed renewable energy resources and energy storage systems. However, the non-zero-crossing fault current profiles associated with short-circuited DC systems present a major challenge for protection.(More)
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