Chunnian Zeng

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Many researchers have been encouraged to investigate the design, posture and stability of biped robots in order to replicate the anthropoid gait. In this paper we develop a simple model of biped robot, which is based on the humanpsilas walking course and the humanpsilas physical structure. Then we have the research on the gait planning of biped robot, and(More)
A new digital watermarking scheme, which combines interleaving-decomposition and DWT, is proposed in this paper. Similar to scrambling, interleaving-decomposition is used to enhance the robustness of the watermark. First, according to interleaving-decomposition theory, the watermark image and the wavelet coefficients of the original image are decomposed(More)
This paper proposes an absolute phase retrieval method for complex object measurement based on quantized phase-coding and connected region labeling. A specific code sequence is embedded into quantized phase of three coded fringes. Connected regions of different codes are labeled and assigned with 3-digit-codes combining the current period and its neighbors.(More)
The vision system of the mobile robot is a low-level function that provides the required target information of the current environment for the upper vision tasks. The real-time performance and robustness of object segmentation in cluttered environments is still a serious problem in robot visions. In this paper, a new real-time indoor scene segmentation(More)
Lei Meng 1,3, Chunnian Zeng 1, Yuqiang Li 2, Karthik Nithyanandan 3, Timothy H. Lee 3 and Chia-fon Lee 3,4,* 1 School of Information Engineering, Wuhan University of Technology, Wuhan 430070, China; (L.M.); (C.Z.) 2 School of Energy Science and Engineering, Central South University, Changsha 410083, China;(More)
In recent years, the Preisach model has emerged to capture the complex hysteresis behavior of many smart material, such as piezoceramics, shape memory alloys (SMA) and so forth. This paper addressed modeling and simulation of the micro-actuator SMA wires. We introduce the numerical implementation of the preisach model, which avoids the double integration(More)
Mobile robot technology has been one of the most promising topics recently. As the basis of mobile robots, object recognition has important research significance to perceive environments. Float-point descriptors like SIFT are widely used for object recognition, but need large storage and computational costs. To overcome the limitations of float-point(More)
Due to the rapid development of the mobile robot technology, the vision-based object perception in changing scenes is of great practical significance. However, visual object recognition algorithms in constrained scenes, such as low image resolution, motion blur and background clutter is lacking. In this study, the performance of a representative object(More)
The strategy of robot trajectory generation is still an experience issue in industry applications. This paper introduces a mesh-based method to generate different patterns of trajectory for thermal spraying applications. In this method, the appropriate mesh is generated on the coating surface of model in CATIA, the mesh information including the node index,(More)