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Education training and experimentation networks (ETEN) are an important application area for the cloud computing concept. An ETEN is an infrastructure that consists of advanced distributed learning, collaborative working and distributed simulation systems, and can be designed as an intercloud of many global and private clouds. Intercloud approach introduces(More)
More and more companies begin to provide different kinds of cloud computing services for Internet users at the same time these services also bring some security problems. Currently the majority of cloud computing systems provide digital identity for users to access their services, this will bring some inconvenience for a hybrid cloud that includes multiple(More)
Enhancing Semantic Web technologies with ability to express uncertainty and imprecision is widely discussed topic. While SWRL can provide additional expressivity to OWL-based ontologies, it does not provide any way to handle uncertainty or imprecision. There is a pressing need to provide a standard-based, simple and functioning solution. We describe an(More)
—Cloud and IT service providers should act as responsible stewards for the data of their customers and users. However, the current absence of accountability frameworks for distributed IT services makes it difficult for users to understand, influence and determine how their service providers honour their obligations. The A4Cloud project will create solutions(More)