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With the rapid proliferation of camera-equipped smart devices (<i>e.g.</i>, smartphones, pads, tablets), visible light communication (VLC) over screen-camera links emerges as a novel form of near-field communication. Such communication via smart devices is highly competitive for its user-friendliness, security, and infrastructure-less (<i>i.e.</i>, no(More)
With energy and power costs increasing as the size of IT infrastructures grows, virtualization technologies enable scalable management for large scale of virtual machines running on physical systems, and virtualization-based green cloud computing paradigm is springing up to provide a scalable and energy-efficient network software application (NetApp in(More)
ChinaGrid Support Platform (CGSP) is proposed to provide grid toolkit for ChinaGrid application developers and specific grid constructors, in order to reduce their development cost as greatly as possible. CGSP extensible and reconfigurable framework, which satisfies the expansion and autonomy requirement of ChinaGrid, is mainly discussed in the paper. In(More)
The purpose of virtual computing environment is to improve resource utilization by providing a unified integrated operating platform for users and applications based on aggregation of heterogeneous and autonomous resources. With the rapid development in recent years, hypervisor technologies have become mature and comprehensive with four features, including(More)
Workflow is an important part of service grid. It provides a mechanism to describe the various interactions between services, and it can compose new services out of existing ones dynamically. Grid workflow description language is the basis of the establishment and execution of workflows. In this paper, being extended according to the characteristics of grid(More)
System call interposition is a powerful method for regulating and monitoring program behavior. A wide variety of security tools have been developed which use this technique. However, traditional system call interposition techniques are vulnerable to kernel attacks and have some limitations on effectiveness and transparency. In this paper, we propose a novel(More)
The increasing complexity and dynamics of grid environments have posed great challenges for secure and privacy-preserving collaboration in a virtual organization. In this paper, we propose PEACE-VO, a secure policy-enabled collaboration framework for virtual organizations. PEACE-VO employs role mapping to define trust relationships across autonomous(More)
Efficient resource management in the virtualized data center is always a practical concern and has attracted significant attention. In particularly, economic allocation mechanism is desired to maximize the revenue for commercial cloud providers. This paper uses overbooking from Revenue Management to avoid resource over-provision according to its runtime(More)
Grid computing has emerged as a new paradigm of distributed computing technology on large-scale resource sharing and coordinated problem solving. Based on a proposed Web service-based grid architecture, we have designed a service grid middleware system called CROWN which aims to promote the utilization of valuable resources and cooperation of researchers(More)