Chunmiao Zheng

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The contents of this report are not to be used for advertising, publication, or promotional purposes. Citation of trade names does not constitute an official endorsement or approval of the use of such commercial products. The findings of this report are not to be construed as an official Department of the Army position, unless so designated by other(More)
A large-scale natural-gradient tracer test in a highly heterogeneous aquifer at the Macrodispersion Experiment (MADE) site on the Columbus Air Force Base in Mississippi is simulated using three-dimensional hydraulic conductivity distributions derived from borehole flowmeter test data. Two methods of hydraulic conductivity interpolation, ordinary kriging and(More)
A novel combination of noninvasive imaging with an oxygen sensitive fluorescent indicator was developed to investigate the biodegradation processes occurring at the fringe of a solute plume, where the supply of oxygen was limited. A thin transparent porous matrix (156 x 120 x 3 mm) was made from quartz plates and quartz sand (212-300 microm) and enriched(More)
Field studies at well-instrumented research sites have provided extensive data sets and important insights essential for development and testing of transport theories and mathematical models. This paper provides an overview of over 25 years of research and lessons learned at one of such field research sites on the Columbus Air Force Base in Mississippi,(More)
This paper presents the design, architecture and implementation of a general parallel computing platform, termed PGO, based on the Genetic Algorithm for global optimization. PGO provides an efficient and easy-to-use framework for parallelizing the global optimization procedure for general scientific modeling and simulation processes. Along with a core(More)
The Department of Defense (DoD) Environmental Security Technology Certification Program and the Environmental Protection Agency sponsored a project to evaluate the benefits and utility of contaminant transport simulation-optimization algorithms against traditional (trial and error) modeling approaches. Three pump-and-treat facilities operated by the DoD(More)
This article analyzes part of a ground water flow system in the North China Plain (NCP) subject to severe overexploitation and rapid depletion. A transient ground water flow model was constructed and calibrated to quantify the changes in the flow system since the predevelopment 1950s. The flow model was then used in conjunction with an optimization code to(More)