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Over the last decade, the introduction of microarray technology has had a profound impact on gene expression research. The publication of studies with dissimilar or altogether contradictory results, obtained using different microarray platforms to analyze identical RNA samples, has raised concerns about the reliability of this technology. The MicroArray(More)
In this paper, we consider the Minimum Independent Dominating Set problem and develop exact exponential algorithms that break the trivial O(2 |V |) bound. A simple O * (√ 3 |V |) time algorithm is developed to solve this problem on general graphs. For sparse graphs, e.g. graphs with degree bounded by 3 and 4, we show that a few new branching techniques can(More)
Standard controls and best practice guidelines advance acceptance of data from research, preclinical and clinical laboratories by providing a means for evaluating data quality. The External RNA Controls Consortium (ERCC) is developing commonly agreed-upon and tested controls for use in expression assays, a true industry-wide standard control.
BACKGROUND Primary human tissues are an invaluable widely used tool for discovery of gene expression patterns which characterize disease states. Tissue processing methods remain unstandardized, leading to unanswered concerns of how to best store collected tissues and maintain reproducibility between laboratories. We subdivided uterine myometrial tissue(More)
Computational alignment of a biopolymer sequence (e.g., an RNA or a protein) to a structure is an effective approach to predict and search for the structure of new sequences. To identify the structure of remote homologs, the structure-sequence alignment has to consider not only sequence similarity, but also spatially conserved conformations caused by(More)
Organizations require security systems that are flexible and adaptable in order to combat increasing threats from software vulnerabilities, virus attacks and other malicious code, in addition to internal attacks. Network intrusion detection systems, which are part of the layered defense scheme, must be able to meet these organizational objectives in order(More)
Searching genomes for RNA secondary structure with computational methods has become an important approach to the annotation of non-coding RNAs. However, due to the lack of efficient algorithms for accurate RNA structure-sequence alignment, computer programs capable of fast and effectively searching genomes for RNA secondary structures have not been(More)
The lactoferrin (LTF) gene, located at 3p21.3, behaves like a tumor suppressor gene in diverse tumors. To elucidate the exact role of LTF in NPC, we first detected its expression level in seven NPC cell lines by semi-quantitative reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR). The results showed the mRNA level of LTF was nearly undetectable in all(More)
UNLABELLED An important but difficult problem in proteomics is the identification of post-translational modifications (PTMs) in a protein. In general, the process of PTM identification by aligning experimental spectra with theoretical spectra from peptides in a peptide database is very time consuming and may lead to high false positive rate. In this paper,(More)